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Weekly Update

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This week has been very busy moving into our flat, and getting Nadia ready for her first day at school. The day after we moved in we headed to Roehampton to get Nadia set up. She is all signed up and ready to go!

A few days later we headed out to Ikea to stock up on everything we needed for our flat. We were able to bring everything home with us that night, and Nadia got right to work on building our furniture. She was able to get most of it done by the end of the night, and finished the rest of it in the morning.

Friday we headed down to Hammersmith and ran into their Friday Food Festival where I met Tabatha of Tab’s Chocs. Of course I couldn’t leave without getting a moustache¬†chocolate. Thanks Tabatha and I look forward to seeing you next time!!

Saturday we took the students to Stonehenge and Bath, which was amazing! We took so many pictures, that I will be telling you more about that later this week.

Sunday we headed to Bodean’s BBQ in Fulham for some NFL action. We had a great time drinking and eating way too much! Nadia now believes me that pints in the UK are bigger than in the US. We were even more excited that the Pats won!

That’s it for now!


  1. Cherie Taylor says:

    So nice to see your happy smiling faces. Looks like an amazing time. Have fun!

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