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Weekly Update

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Last week was pretty busy for us!! On Wednesday we had our first anniversary! In typical N&M fashion we celebrated all week long, starting with our magical night with Danny Elfman on Monday. You can read more about Nadia’s account here. Our time together on Wednesday was limited, so we grabbed lunch at a local sushi place, Sagano. It was reasonably priced and very good! It was hard to not have my sushi expert Kate with me, but I did my best and tried some new things. It’s definitely a place we will go back to.

Friday was our big celebration. Since it was Cultural Friday, we started the day touring the Victoria & Albert Museum. We had a great time and can’t wait to go back! Our plan after that was to go home, but I had other plans. A few weeks ago, I emailed The Hummingbird Bakery about recreating a small version of our wedding cake. I knew it would be stretch, but this was one tradition I wanted us to have. Right before we left the museum, I told Nadia I had ordered it and we had to pick it up before dinner. I tried my best to surprise her, but even I couldn’t pull off a 30 minute train ride out of our way! I was so excited to see what it looked like!



If I can be honest, it’s wasn’t exactly like our wedding cake, but close enough to make the point. I’m not sure many bakeries could do Disney as good or even better than Disney! Oh well!! It was so fun to be able to partake in this tradition and it was a pretty delicious (and very rich) cake.

We then continued our celebration by going to a local restaurant called The Oak for dinner. I had a hard time choosing a restaurant this year, but went with The Oak for three reasons: it’s close to our flat, they are known for their wood-fired pizza, and it wouldn’t break the bank!


We started off with a few starters and a bottle of wine! I am happy shocked to report that Nadia DID NOT pick the cheapest bottle on the menu! Why do I even know that you ask? Because she told me of course! 🙂


Home roasted almonds & Caponata with sourdough

Since Friday’s have been named “Pizza Friday” in our house, we kept with the theme.


Prosciutto with Mozz cheese

It was a great dinner and we were both happy with our decision to try it out. The service was fantastic and they even surprised us with a glass of champagne to celebrate!

It wasn’t just about our anniversary this week! I also met up with the London Pi Phi’s for London Cocktail Week 2013. For a £10 wristband you get access to £4 special cocktails in bars all over the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden. I’ve been wanting to meet the Pi Phi’s here and with special cocktails it was a match made in heaven (pun intended).  I was pretty nervous, but on the way there I happened upon Monmouth street (Pi Phi was founded at Monmouth College) and I knew everything would be fine. I met my mentor, Maryann, and five other Pi Phi’s in the area. It was great way to explore a new area and meet some new friends!

Saturday morning we had another early morning with the Roehampton students for their second excursion. This time we didn’t mind because we were going on the Harry Potter Studio Tour!!! The HP tour is located right outside of London in the Watford area. During the three hours we spent here, we were able to see costumes, props and animatronics used in the actual HP films. It was incredible and we took over 100 pictures while there! I couldn’t fit them all in the post so I included just a few of our favorites. If you want to see all of them (Laurel!) head over to my Facebook page. If you are a huge HP fan, I would highly recommend it!

On the way to HP one of the students told us a Five Guys had just opened in Covent Garden, sooo we had to check it out. It’s the first store in the UK!! We headed there after the tour, waited 25 minutes (just to order), and had the most amazing burger ever! It was the perfect ending to our exciting week!


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    The pizza looks good!

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