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Weekly Update – things I miss about Merica

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First off I have to say Happy 27th Birthday to our nephew Blair. I wish we were there this weekend to celebrate with you, but hopefully we will see you soon! Enjoy your day and lots of love to you!!

Well we’ve been here over a month now and it finally happened – I’m starting to miss things about home.

Let’s start with the silly things.

  • I don’t really like/eat candy that much, but I find myself looking for certain things at the grocery store including Dove’s  Dark Chocolates! I blame my friend Jennie for this. Every day she would bring a few in to share and we would take a break for chocolate. The best part about these chocolates is the message or “promise” as they call it under the wrapper. It sounds so simply, but those little promises got me through some tough days.
  • Next on the list is Extra Spearmint gum. They do have extra gum in the UK, but it comes in a chiclet and not a stick. I think it makes it taste different, and I just don’t like it!
  • Last but not least is Essie Nail Polish. More specifically their fall 2013 collection. Most of you know that I LOVE getting a mani/pedi or painting my nails. Sadly they don’t sell Essie polish in the UK, so I’m doing my best to get by. Thank the heavens they do have OPI so at least all is not lost. 🙂

*Since this posted, I have found Essie Nail Polish in the UK at Boots!! It was a glorious day and I’m so thankful I did! 🙂

Nadia’s List

  • Watching Rachel Maddow live every night
  • Red Sox World Series 😦

Again I know these three things are pretty silly, but these are the things I’m missing about home.

On to the more serious things.

  • Calling my family and friends whenever I want to. Most days I would walk home from work and I would call my Dad/Mom/Sisters/Friends just to say hi. This has been the hardest thing. I’m slowly starting to be ok with it and trying my best to stay connected. I am SO THANKFUL for Skype/Facetime/Email/Social Media to help me stay connected.
  • The familiarity of our life in Boston. The best way I can explain it is knowing that I could call any of my girlfriends and be able to meet them for a drink/dinner/mani&pedi/anything at the drop of a hat. Being only 10 minutes from my spinning class. Knowing when I get off the train I know exactly how to get to my destination. I know that people could argue that is the exciting part about moving to a new city, and it is, but it’s also hard. All I have to say is thank you to my iPhone and Google maps for helping me get around the city. 🙂

Other than missing things from home, things are going well in London! Last week we had drinks with our housemates Jennie and Michelle at a local place called The Eagle. Another great pub in our neighborhood. It’s a free house, meaning it is owned independently of the breweries that supply it. Some of the pubs in London are owned by the local brewers like Fuller’s. If you go to a pub owned by Fuller’s, they will only sell their brews. The Eagle had many different brews to choose from and it was fantastic! They also had great food and had a cozy feel to it. In the back they have a huge beer garden with its own bar, bbq, bean bags and even a giant lawn Jenga. I can’t wait until the weather is nice to be able to enjoy it.

I hope everyone has a great week!!

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