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A rainy week in London

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It has rained every day this week! Yes, I know it’s London and we should be used to it by now, but some days I just can’t take it. I finally caved and bought a pair of wellies. Now the rain feels a little more manageable and plus I look good too! 😉


Even though it was raining, we managed to get some fun things in. On Saturday morning, I tried out a spin studio in Chelsea, Lomax. This is not just any spin studio, but a Real Ryder studio! The only one in the UK!!!! I was so excited to return to my favorite spin bikes. With their small dark studio, strobe lights, and amazing sound system, it felt just like my studio in Boston. It felt like home!! My class was really hard, but the instructors there are amazing. I am looking forward to learning a lot of them and hopefully getting a chance to sub for them once my paperwork comes through. It was a great way to start off the week!

After spin, I met some new to London Pi Phi’s at Harrod’s. We had a great time walking around, sampling some of the food, and searching for the Disney Cafe!! It was so nice to meet them and see a little bit more of Harrod’s!

On Sunday we stayed in from the rain and made a glorious American breakfast of pancakes, streaky bacon (aka American bacon) and home fries.


Sunday was also our last day before Nadia returned to school and we relaxed and Nadia finished her winter project: a beautiful painting of London. I am so proud of her and can’t wait to take it back to the States with us.


Monday it was off to school for Nadia but not before I managed to grab the obligatory first day of school pic! Don’t let that smile fool you, she was so excited to get back that she left two hours before she needed to be there!


The rest of the week we just tried to stay dry and we also had Krispy Kreme donuts. Sometimes you have to treat yourself!! #yum


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