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The Banqueting House

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This Saturday our weekly cultural outing took us to The Banqueting House. 


Banqueting House is the grandest and only surviving building of the Palace of Whitehall. The building is important in the history of English architecture as the first building to be completed in the neo-classical style which was to transform English architecture.


You immediately walk into the Undercroft. Originally designed as a drinking den for James I where he could escape the rigors of public life or simply enjoy some private time with his favorite courtiers. It now shows a film about the buildings history and holds items for the public to see.

After you are finished with the film, you walk upstairs to the hall and you immediately see the throne where Kings and Queens once sat. As you continue to look around the room you cannot miss the magnificent ceiling. The canvases were painted by Sir Peter Paul Rubens and installed in the hall in 1636. The three main canvasses depict The Union of the Crowns, The Apotheosis of James I and The Peaceful Reign of James I. It is truly a sight to see! It was hard to capture it in photos, but we tried our best!

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After leaving Banqueting House, we met our friends at Wahaca. Similar to that of a Mexican market, Wahaca is where you can eat reasonably priced, fresh and flavorsome fare. Everything is ethically sourced so you can eat lots of tasty food and wash it down with one of their many margaritas.We had a great time eating, drinking, and sharing lots of laughs. It was a great end to our London outing!!


Next week we are visiting the home of William, Kate, and George – Kensington Palace!

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