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Rounding third, and heading for home: C25K – Week 8

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Well folks, I’ve made it to the end of Week 8, and I cannot believe the Couch to 5k is almost over! This week, I added 3 minutes on to each of the three runs, running for a total of 28 minutes.

We had an absolute beautiful week to run! The flowers are really starting to bloom and I’m even breaking a little sweat! This week was even better because I had a guest runner, my friend Laurel! She was in town visiting us and  brought her running shoes along so we could get in a run. You know you have good friends when they support you during their holiday! I’ve been keeping her up to date on our progress and she’s been a big supporter along the way. We also made a goal to run the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in 2015 to celebrate her 3oth Birthday! What’s the saying – the friends that run together, stay together?!

Anyways….the runs went really well this week. Everything seems to be coming together and I’m really starting to get into a routine. I have also started to feel like a runner and have been doing research on how I can be more mindful of what I’m doing to my body and how I can keep it healthy. I’ll keep you posted! If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share!

Until next time!

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