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Brick Lane Market

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Two weeks ago (I know I’m a little behind!) I skipped the museums, to check out a new (for me) Market – Brick Lane Market. Once associated with poor slums and the scene of the crime for the Jack the Ripper murders, this market, is centered around Brick Lane, in the heart of East London’s Bangladeshi community.  It’s become one of London’s most popular neighborhoods with an edgy and artistic crowd, featuring galleries, and restaurants.

I quickly decided that this visit was ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! I started with a half sausage roll, then moved to chocolates, and finished the day with a apple turnover! I felt extremely gluttonous when I got home and guilty since Nadia had missed out, so I stopped by the 24-hour Beigel Bake, to pick up a half-dozen beigels for the week. The best part about these beigels is that they were only £1.50 for six!!! A STEAL! And so very delicious! I want to thank our friend Megan for making sure I knew about it!

I’m still deciding what market to visit next. Any suggestions?!

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