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A few weeks ago, one of my bestie’s Laurel, came to London to visit us during her spring break.



Laurel has been to London a few times before, so we spent the first part of the week showing her our life here in London and then we all traveled to Edinburgh for a little trip.

Let’s start at the beginning…..

The day that Laurel arrived, we went out for Sunday Roast and came home to relax and drink a few beers and just hang out. It was so great to see her and I even was able to catch this great photo of L’s and Nadia.


On Tuesday after work we headed to Charlotte Street for Cheeky Beers and Cheap Noodles! We also met up with another friend who was in town for work.


Wednesday, we all headed to Roehampton, for L’s to check out the campus and to meet Nadia’s school friends. We ended the day with drinks at the Union before Nadia went off to class.



On Thursday morning we woke up early to head to  the airport to visit Scotland for the next few days. We had a blast and I’m planning to do a separate update on our trip!

After returning from Edinburgh, L’s and I had some shopping to do for souvenirs. We headed down to Selfridges, to eat yummy foods and find a few things for L’s to go home with. We had a blast, eating cupcakes, macarons, sushi, and finishing off the night with Pinkberry! After dinner, we came home to hang with our housemates and play Cards Against Humanity. It was a great way to end the night and an amazing trip with Laurel. I am so blessed that Laurel was able to come visit and will forever cherish the time that we spent together. While our time together will never be enough, I’m excited that we will see each other three times in 2015 – #LMNhattrick2015

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