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Weekly Update

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This past Sunday we met up with one of my old college friends, E. She and her husband are living in Northern England and were in London for a long weekend. When four Americans meet for lunch on a Sunday where do you go? A BBQ place of course!! We returned to Bodean’s, this time in Soho for the ‘Merica lunch. It was great catching up with E and hearing about their life up North. We also had a good time talking about the differences between England and the States. There’s always some common themes but almost every American I talk to living abroad without fail says they miss sweet tea! How funny right! We finished our time together walking to Whole Foods and picking up some hard to find items. I felt bad for not being to spend more time together but it was so great to see a familiar face and of course another Louisville fan. We took the obligatory photo of course!!


The rest of the week was pretty uneventful with work and lots of meetings until Thursday evening when two of my friends and I tried out Boom Cycle in Holborn.


Boom is the place for a healthy balance 
of hedonistic endorphins and high intensity workouts to nightclub quality music.AND it’s on lululemon’s spin studios to check out in London. Overall Boom was a great place. Clean, friendly staff, with lockers and towel service included in the cost of your class. The class was high energy with great music. The instructor was high energy as well, but not my favorite style of teaching. Despite that, I had a great class and I think my friends even liked it?!

Friday, I started off my weekend with a little yoga at the new lululemon store in Covent Garden. It opened on Friday and I was #2 in the queue. The practice was lead by Mercedes Ngoh and she started with a Ganesh Mantra. This mantra is used for blessing when a new building is opening and for auspicious beginnings. I dedicated my practice to the success of lulu in the London community and my favorite yogi (and lulu ambassador) Cara Gilman. With my recent return to my practice I can’t wait to attend Cara’s classes when we return to Boston. After class ended we were able to check out the store a few minutes before it opened and even enjoyed a cupcake!! It is a beautiful store and love the art pieces they installed. And believe or not I didn’t purchase anything but I’ll be back soon!! 🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up pretty early to travel back to Greenwich Park to run my first 5k!! This is the Tough 5k, sponsored by The Fix Events. Greenwich Park is filled with many hills, hence the name tough and boy it was! I might not have run a fast race, but I did run the entire time!! I was so excited when I crossed the finish line and so proud of how far I’ve come. Thanks to everyone for all of your support.


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