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One year later and still #BostonStrong

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One year ago today, I started the day like any other typical day off. I slept in a little bit, ate breakfast, and relaxed before heading out the door for one of my favorite Boston Holidays – Patriot’s Day aka Marathon Monday. This was a particularly special Marathon day because it was Nadia’s first year she had the day off and we had made plans with my best friend Kate to watch the marathon. 

It was one of those beautiful spring days in Boston – warm, but not too warm; sun shining, with a few clouds and I felt so happy to be spending the day with Nadia and Kate. We lived right near mile 24 and it’s by far one of the best spots to watch the race! The energy there is incredible and even Nadia was excited to be able to participate that day! We posted up on the second floor of  Hops & Scotch, and had a great view of the street! We ordered up some lunch and drank it down with Sam Adam’s special 26.2 brew in honor of the day! It’s funny the things you remember.

We were having a blast, watching the runners, drinking, and even cheering one of the runners that had finished the race and joined his friends at the bar. Not long after Kate and I snapped the above picture, I noticed that Nadia’s face had gone white and she was staring right over our heads at the TV behind us. The bar had become eerily quiet and one of the staff had gone to get the remote to turn the volume up. We watched as everyone tried to figure out what had happened. Then panic started to settle in and we knew we needed to get home. The next few hours were spent in front of Kate’s TV, watching the news and checking in with our families and friends, letting everyone know we were ok. Other’s were not so lucky and today I remember them. I remember all those who were injured and whose lives were lost. I remember the first responders who put their lives on the line to help those in need. I remember all of the people that kept us safe that day and all of the days after.

It’s because of you that we are and will continue to be Boston Strong. 






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