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Happy Birthday Pi Phi!!

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On April 28, 1867, 12 courageous woman decided to form the first secret society for women – I.C. Sorosis, which later became Pi Beta Phi. These 12 founders set the stage for a thriving organization that continues to enrich the lives of many women today, including myself.

I became a full initiated member of Pi Phi on October 26, 2002 at the Kentucky Alpha Chapter of the University of Louisville. I think of this day often and how scared I was not knowing what Pi Phi would bring to my life. It seems so silly now because without it, so much of my life would be empty. I wouldn’t have met Nadia, or met some of my closet friends, or found a few friends in the UK to share our love of the wine and silver blue. So each year on this day, I give thanks twice – once for these 12 brave women to have been the first of their kind to create such an amazing home for so many women today, and two for one of my pledge sister who introduced me to my wife. 🙂

This past year, I spent Founder’s Day with my UK Pi Phi’s having tea! Our fearless leader MH welcomed us into her home and we shared tea, sandwiches, lots of yummy desserts, and of course a cookie shine! For being a small but mighty group, we made it a great Founder’s Day in our little slice of Pi Phi in London.





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