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Nadia’s 30th Birthday at Disneyland Paris

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As if Nadia didn’t get spoiled enough for her 30th birthday, I surprised her with a trip to Disneyland Paris!! It was torture for us to live only a short train ride away and not visit the House of Mouse!!

We had a very early start but I filled the time with snacks, magazines, and breakfast for day 28 of Nadia’s countdown to thirty.

When we arrived, we jumped off the train, ran to put our bags down at the Hotel Cheyenne, and went straight to Disneyland Park! We hit the first day like a boss and ended up riding and seeing every bit of the park! The next morning we slept in a bit and finished exploring Disneyland Park and ended the evening at Walt Disney Studios.

Wednesday morning it was Nadia’s 30th Birthday and she awoke to our room decorated and parents waiting to open. Our good friend Amy send along a few items from Disney World, including a Birthday button, which is not something you can find at DLP. We started the day at Disneyland Park and headed straight for Peter Pan’s flight, Nadia’s favorite ride! After Peter, we headed over to the Studio’s to hit a few more rides before dinner.

We started the celebration with a few pints and then headed to Chicago Steakhouse for dinner. We enjoyed a nice meal, champagne, and finished the evening with the waiters and I singing Nadia “Happy Birthday!” We spent our last day at Disney touring both Parks, and shopping for souvenirs before our train back to London.

We had an amazing trip and we are so happy that we had the chance to visit! Thank you so much to all of our family and friends who sent along birthday wishes so that we could enjoy Nadia’s birthday together!


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