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The start of our Summer in London

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During our last 100 days in London, we will do 7 airport arrivals, 7 orientations, 7 London city tours, many excursions, and 7 farewell dinners for our students in our summer programs. It’s really chaotic but it’s always exciting and challenging. One of the best parts about our job is being able to experience London through the eyes of someone else and that’s exactly what our students do. Every Sunday we will be doing our weekly cultural outing visiting some new and even old things in london. The first of the summer brought us to Hype Park on a beautiful London day. We packed a picnic in our new USA inspired gear and set off! It was a special day because our friend Chris was in town for business and we were going to give him a tour after our picnic. 

After our picnic we showed Chris around the most iconic sites in London – Big Ben, London Eye, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. After touring, we traveled to our favorite London Pub – The Mayflowers!

It was so nice to see Chris on our side of the Pond! It was a lovely afternoon and a great start to our Summer in London!

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