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From The Writer’s Desk

Hi! Welcome to our Blog! We’re Maggie and Nadia and for the next thirteen months we will use this space to chronicle our time living abroad.


I, Maggie, am a 31-year-old, spinning instructor, and events professional. During our time in London, I will support students studying abroad and take care of our daily life in our flat in Hammersmith!

Ready for my first spin class

Nadia is a 29-year-old, young professional, student, and mentor/educator/supporter of higher education. During our time in London, she will be studying for a Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management from Roehampton University.

We made it!

What’s with the name you ask? When the Romans founded what we call London today, they named it Londinium. Since Rome was the first city we traveled to together, we thought the name was only fitting. Nadia’s idea of course! I like to think of it as romantic.

We hope you enjoy reading the happenings and hoopla of our London life!!

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